The professional services sector is one of the most resilient and vital sectors of the Cypriot economy contributing significantly to the GDP of the country. It is the sector which, despite the economic crises the country experienced in the past in addition to the most recent Covid-19 pandemic and regional conflicts, continues to grow and create thousands of employment opportunities.

The main stakeholders of the professional services sector include regulated firms of accountants, auditors, lawyers, tax and other professionals, administrative service providers and international business units of Cypriot banks. A large number of qualified and well-educated professionals and experts are employed in the industry, a key to the success of the sector. The clientele of this sector includes, apart from local clients, foreign investors, international corporate entities, and high net worth individuals.

Professional services firms play a vital role in developing the vision and formulating the business model of Cyprus, taking advantage of the country’s unique benefits and considering the competition and developments in the global market. They contribute to the country’s tax and other reforms and innovation and provide continuous advice, professional guidance and other services to the Cypriot Government.

The Benefits and Tax Incentives Cyprus has to offer, supported by the high quality of professional services are the main drivers for the growth and success of the country as an international business and financial centre and a tech hub, attracting foreign direct investments and foreign corporate entities and individuals.



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1 Kinyras Street, Kinyras Tower,
3rd Floor, 1102 Nicosia, Cyprus
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