Tourism has traditionally been a vital driver of the Cyprus economy contributing more than 20% to the country’s GDP.

The island is blessed with sunshine for a great part of the year and its idyllic beaches, a large number of them being awarded with the famous Blue Flag designation, make Cyprus a favourite holiday destination for tourists.

Cyprus offers a wide range of tourist services which accommodate all types of holiday goers, from hiking trails and nature paths for the outdoor type, to luxury hotels and fine dining and wining.

Apart from its natural beauty, excellent weather and breath-taking sceneries, Cyprus strives to enhance its competitiveness as a premium touristic destination, diving into niche areas, upgrading its offering and developing new experiences.

Strategic large-scale projects, such as luxury resorts, marinas in all major seafront cities and the new integrated casino resort, are expected to further stimulate this booming industry.


The environment in Cyprus is a rich combination of natural and manmade beauty and has a lavish historical legacy. Cyprus’ stunningly distinctive natural landscape is complimented by its picturesque villages and historical architecture, offering a unique personality to the cultural heritage of this Mediterranean island. As for the people, Cypriots are always welcoming guests in the friendly and hospitable manner Cyprus is known for. A pleasant balance between people and nature is imbued in such an atmosphere, which can be experienced as soon as you arrive in Cyprus; Cypriot hospitality is one of the reasons travellers visit the island. In this type of setting, a tourist meets friendly residents from villages found either in mountain or coast, learns old folk customs, appreciates the surrounding calm nature, and enjoys the unique and traditional cuisine.

Recognising the new tourist trend, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has launched a program to preserve and maintain traditional homes with the purpose of developing and expanding the agritourism sector in Cyprus. As a result, the Cyprus Agritourism Company was formed to deal directly with holidays in the Cypriot countryside. Remarkably, agritourism has grown in importance in the Cypriot tourism sector, drawing an increasing number of visitors each year and enticing those who have previously visited the island to return, thanks to the unique experience of nature and historic Cypriot villages. Some villages of great past include Kakopetria, Lefkara, Omodos, Kalopanayiotis, Pedoulas, Platres, Tochni, Panagia and many more.

In Cyprus, you will discover numerous interesting and varying experiences that are distinct from your typical vacations. Visiting the renovated antique houses brings a sense of belonging and warmth to the spirit; living there will make you feel special and at home – a home away from home.

Sports & Adventure Tourism

Cyprus may appear to be a peaceful, pleasant beach resort in the Mediterranean home to some of the world’s most stunning, Blue Flag beaches, yet those who can tear themselves away from the sand will find plenty of outdoor adventures.

Nature Trails
The Forestry Department has constructed several routes in state forests around the island, from Akamas, to the National Forest’s Park Cape Greco coastlines, to the Troodos Mountains which mark the highest altitude point of Cyprus. These have been planned to encompass places with abundant natural vegetation and cultural significance. Nature Trails in Cyprus combine both the physical attention your body needs along with the psychological relaxation your soul is seeking for.

Camping is highly recommended for people who appreciate outdoor activities. Camping and picnic sites provide associated amenities such as camping spots, parking, and sanitary facilities, as well as drinking water, tables, grills, and children’s playgrounds, with electricity, bathrooms, and kitchens available in some. There are approximately 40 camping and picnic areas on the island, with the most popular being Polis Chrysochous Campsite, Platania Campsite, Stavros tis Psokas, Kampi tou Kalogirou, Troodos, Kalymnos Beach, Akamas, Pachyammos Beach, Kato Pyrgos Tyllirias.


With an ideal weather, a varied and demanding terrain coupled with its stunning scenery, it is no surprise that Cyprus is a year-round favourite for casual and competitive cycling. Enthusiasts adore the island’s rugged nature, which ranges from rocky to clay, steep to flat, all within a 10km radius. The roads ahead expand across gorgeous urban, rural, alpine, and coastal landscapes with lots to discover along the way, whether you embark on your own trip or follow one of the many paths available. On two wheels, you will see everything from streams to forests to villages, enjoying the island’s nature and cultural heritage as you cycle along.

Spring months are most popular for cycling due to the favourable weather conditions and during this season Cyprus hosts several high-profile cycling events, including The Sunshine Cup and The Volkswagen Tour. The races’ routes are designed to meet the ability of top professional riders, while also delivering a fun and challenging experience for leisure cyclists.

It is notable that throughout the year, the Cyprus Cycling Federation (a member of Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)) organises and sponsors major races and other contests, while each town has its own dedicated cycling groups that always welcome guests on their weekly rides.


Cyprus is making investments to become one of Europe’s upcoming golf hotspots. For many golfers, Cyprus is still unfamiliar territory, yet there are numerous high-quality, award-winning golf courses offering intriguing layouts, superb facilities, and thorough maintenance that are open to all levels. Cyprus has 8 golf courses with Aphrodite Hills, Elea Estate, Secret Valley, and Minthis Hills ranking amongst the best. Despite the favourable weather conditions that make the island popular for golfers year-round, most golfers visit Cyprus between September and March.

Since 2008, all golf courses in Cyprus affiliated with Cyprus Golf Federation (CGF) Member Clubs have been course rated using the USGA system. CGF approved the World Handicap System in June 2020, making Cyprus one of the first European countries to do so. Formally created in 2000 and registered with the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the Cyprus Sports Organisation, the CGF is the country’s official regulating body for golf. The CGF is affiliated with The R&A and is a member of the International Golf Federation (IGF) and the European Golf Association (EGA).


The majestic Troodos Mountains runs across the majority of Cyprus’ western side offering opportunities for winter sport lovers. From January to March, skiers can enjoy the slopes of Mount Olympus at 1,951m above sea level. Mount Olympus is approximately 2km away from Troodos Mountain Resort, 12km from Platres Mountain Resort and about an hour’s drive from Limassol and Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.

Every year, the Cyprus Ski Federation & Club organises an International F.I.S. Skiing Competition at the ZEUS Slalom Homologated Piste. There are 4 ski lifts at the Troodos ski centre, ranging from 140m to 380m, while skiers can purchase any necessary equipment from the Ski Shop at the Sun Valley area.

Water Activities


Set anchor in a remote area inaccessible by land and enjoy the gorgeous Cyprus coastline from the luxury of your boat. The personnel will be at your service to meet your every need while you relax in the sun and sip champagne. Because of the steady winds, stunning scenery, and tranquil seas, sailing in Cyprus is a unique experience. A boat can be chartered for any event or celebration – go fishing, sail into the sunset, or simply drift around aimlessly.

Cyprus has 5 ports, 2 marinas, and a plethora of bays to accommodate your needs: Limassol Marina, Ayia Napa Marina, Larnaca Marina, Latchi Marina (Crystal Marine), St. Raphael Marina and Zygi Fishing Shelter & Marina. Larnaca Marina is packed all year with yachters from all over the world, owing to the Mediterranean environment, which allows people to live on their boats through the winter season.

Scuba Diving

The island’s diving environment offers something for everyone, from modest sandy-bottom dives for beginners to epic deep dives. Many ancient and modern wrecks, as well as ancient objects and villages may be found off the coast of Cyprus. The island makes an excellent diving destination, with water temperatures about 26°C (80°F).

The Amphorae Caves are located off the coast of Paphos and contain antique pottery that is still intact. The Chapel is easily accessible from the shore, makes it an ideal spot for night diving. The Zenobia is Cyprus’ most well-known wreck dive, and the trucks attached to the deck are a necessity to admire.

The Wreck of the Zenobia, The Copper Wreck, Diana Wreck, The Liberty Wreck, the HMS Cricket, Lady Thetis, The Canyon, St. George’s Island, and Manajin Island are all worth visiting. Each location will reveal its own beauty, as they can provide tourists with a unique underwater experience as well as a glimpse into the island’s past.


Windsurfing and kitesurfing are popular water activities in Cyprus, and due to the mild temperature, it can be enjoyed all year round. In addition, because of the flat summer sea around sunrise, wakeboarding is also possible. When the wind current is strong, kitesurfing is also common. The pleasant temperature and modest waves make these water activities possible to be enjoyed even during the winter season.

Among the most popular places for Kitesurfing are Protaras, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos. There is a windsurfing, kitesurfing, and SUP school at the Nicosia Windsurfing Club located in Larnaca.

Wellness & Medical Tourism

Cyprus is quickly becoming a popular medical tourism destination, combining the attractiveness of a sunny island with first-class healthcare facilities and affordable rates. It is no surprise that a rising number of patients are selecting the island for their treatments, because of the extra benefit of recovering in soothing circumstances favourable to recovery. Aside from traditional medical treatments, which take place in the comfort of contemporary hospitals and clinics, the island also has luxury spa resorts and rural retreats, where comfort and nature coexist peacefully with health. Pampering, holistic therapies, beauty treatments, and a general sense of well-being are all suggested, and so is the sensation of retreating and focusing exclusively on oneself – away from the responsibilities and distractions of everyday life.

Other characteristics of the island also contribute to its ideal for healthy living, whether you are getting a medical treatment or enjoying a spa delight. Eating healthily is a joy that comes easy in Cyprus, with the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet internationally recognised and the island’s wealth of fresh, local fruit that bursts with flavour. The wonderful year-round environment, with dry summers and moderate winters, provides for a wide range of sports and interests, from walking and cycling to swimming and diving, while the spectacular natural beauty, from coast to forest, soothes all senses.

The finishing touch comes in more practical forms, such as the island’s enviable location, which makes it easily accessible from a variety of locations; English and other languages are widely used in the medical and tourism industries, and medical and wellness professionals and staff are all highly trained and experienced. Cyprus has the facilities, environment, and extra incentives to make you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your health is in the best of hands.

Wellness Spas, Retreats & Botanic Gardens

For generations Cyprus, the island of the Goddess of Aphrodite, has held the secrets to beauty and health, with the Goddess herself representing endless youth and happiness. Through a mix of elements, from its Mediterranean charm and climate to the vast range of exquisite spas and wellness centres, Cyprus continues to induce and inspire an environment of healthy living and a sense of comprehensive wellbeing today. Just to name a few, indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, hammams, beauty salons, fully equipped gyms are only the beginning. Detoxifying algae and mud body wraps, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, hot stone therapy, massages, shiatsu, reflexology, and beauty treatments, among many more excellent services, are all available for your rejuvenation.

The island also has its own holistic health secrets, including a variety of locally cultivated herbs and plants. What better way to spend a quiet afternoon than reconnecting with nature and channelling your energy? A walk through a botanical or herbal garden may teach you a lot about conservation and nature’s healing abilities, not to mention the health advantages of getting some fresh air after the summer heat. Some beautiful suggestions of botanic gardens in Cyprus will guarantee a relaxing day: CyHerbia Botanical Park and Labyrinth, Troodos Botanical Garden, Pano Akourdaleia Herb Garden, Eleouthkia, and Cyprus Lavender.

Medical Tourism

Cyprus has a significant number of sophisticated private hospitals and clinics, great facilities with state-of-the-art technology, experienced and highly qualified physicians and medical personnel, most of whom have been trained in Europe or the USA. Coupled with the island’s ideal, strategic geographical location at the crossroads between the European, African and Asian continents, Cyprus is an upcoming medical tourism destination, serving as a one-stop-shop from therapy to recovery.

A large number of clinical laboratories provide a wide range of routine and specialised diagnostic tests, with quick turnaround times for test results and doctor diagnoses. A substantial percentage of physicians may communicate in additional languages including Russian, German, French, and Arabic, and are provided care by teams of highly qualified medical and auxiliary workers, all of whom communicate in English. Information of contacts and instruction on medical procedures may be provided from the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board as well as the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus.



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